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How to Participate
  1. Open to ALL students currently studying in a College or University in the Middle East
    (United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Afghanistan)
  2. Only groups can participate (minimum 2- maximum 3)
  3. It is mandatory for all teams participating to have a university mentor
    Please download the form and submit it together when creating your group
  4. Complete the registration form and build your team:
    • Each member of a group will REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY
    • Each group needs to select a team leader who will initiate the team building process.
    • The team leader needs to invite his team members to join the group, thus initiating the team building process
    • Team members to accept the invitation
    • Team leader to download, complete and upload the Mentor Agreement

    You are not allowed to create multiple teams. You can only be part of one team.

  5. Choose and Submit your idea

    Choose a challenge and submit your idea. Once the idea submitted, all team members can edit, review, revise and improve the submitted idea any time till the submission period is closed (see timeline)

    You can only start submitting your idea, once your team is created and completed (minimum 2 – maximum 3)

    As a team you can submit ideas to as many challenges as you like


Stage 1
Competition closed for submission! All ideas submitted will be evaluated by a panel of Siemens Experts. The Siemens Experts will rate the ideas submitted based on a set of predefined criteria (see below). Out of each Challenge, the top 5 best rated ideas by the Siemens Expert will move to the next stage of the competition (a total of 20).

Evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • Fits to Topic
  • Pioneering
  • Easy to Implement
  • Creativity of Presentation
  • Easy to Understand

Stage 2
The shortlisted top 20 ideas will be re-evaluated by the Competition Committee who will announce a group finalist for each challenge. The selected 4 group finalists will then compete against each other at the Finals.

Stage 3
All group finalists will be flown to the Award Ceremony at the company’s expenses to present their ideas to the Grand Jury; The Grand Jury will select and announce the Siemens Student Award 2013 Winner at the Award Ceremony.

People's Choice Awards
This year, we are adding the People's Choice Awards to the Siemens Students Awards 2013 Competition.

As group members, you can encourage your community to comment and "Like" your idea. The most "Liked" idea will win the People’s Choice Awards.

Winners of the People's Choice Awards will be flown to attend the Siemens Students Awards Ceremony 2013.




Register and become an active part of the Siemens Student Award community. Even if you are not competing, discuss and evaluate other people's ideas. There is a "Like" button to show your support for an idea/ group.

The group having the idea with the most likes in the Siemens Student Award community (i.e. their idea was upvoted using the thumbs up button most often) will win the People’s Choice Award. Siemens will also fly the People's Choice Award winners to attend the Siemens Student Award 2013.


Is it possible to take part at the competition as an individual?
No! Only teams can take part at the Siemens Student Award Middle East 2013

What language is used?
The language of the competition is English. All materials submitted must be in English.

Can everybody read my ideas and comments?
All registered users can, but non-registered users are only able to see idea titles.

Does it make sense to submit an idea if I don't want Siemens to implement the idea?

Is it necessary to protect my idea by applying for a patent before submitting the idea?
You should only submit non-confidential information. If your idea can be patented and you want to protect your idea, then you should apply for a patent prior to submitting it.

Are any rights transferred to Siemens once I enter my idea?
You can still implement your idea yourself or together with a partner. However, you also grant Siemens the non-exclusive right to implement your idea directly or to further improve on your idea and then to implement it. See the Contest Terms and Conditions for details.

What happens after the deadline?
It will still be possible to browse the submitted ideas and to comment or vote on them after the contest deadline.

How do I create a team?
After registering, visit "My Area" and click "Register Group". Then fill in all the required fields including the upload of the mentor agreement form. After you've created your group you can start sending invitation emails. If the user has already registered on the platform with that email address, he/she will receive an invite on the platform, otherwise he/she will receive an email inviting him/her to the platform and once he/she registers he/she will have an invitation to join your group on his/her profile page.

How can I invite people to join the contest?
We encourage all users to share their experience with friends. Once you enter your idea in the system, you can share with your friends a link to it via Facebook or Twitter directly from the platform. When you visit the platform and explore exciting ideas, you can also share links through Facebook and Twitter to your friends directly from the platform, so that they can view them too.

How exactly does the login process work?
The Siemens Student Award Middle East allows you to view the contest and explore ideas without any registration. In order to enter your idea, comment, or rate other ideas, you have to be a registered user. A registered user is a verified user who has accepted the terms and conditions of the contest. Your registration and verification will be requested automatically when any Read/Write action is initiated. In addition, a private dashboard is created for you under 'My Area', which you can use as a homepage. You can add a photo there (or import it from Facebook), edit your data and create a short profile about yourself.

How can I report an abuse / infringement against the Terms & Conditions?
A link to send an e-mail to the Support Team is located at the top of every page. Please do not hesitate to report each and every abuse or infringement. The support team will take action without delay.

What if my question does not appear in this list?
If you need support and did not find an answer in this list, please send your question to the following address: info@studentaward-middleeast.com.

When is the deadline for submitting documents?
Please refer to the timeline section for the complete timeline of the competition.

What are the prizes?
Please refer to the prizes section for more information about the contest prizes.

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